Trustable.Online, works towards helping you ensure that apps and devices can be trusted, with our open and transparent inquiries into the standards applied for their development.​

The Expert reviews are generated by a 100-question survey compiled by the team. First we collect Apps and IoT devices in groups of their objectives, we place them on the website and give them all a 0% ranking. Thereafter we send the survey to the owner / developer of the collected apps and IoT devices. With each question, points can be earned and the points obtained are visualized in percentages per part in the bar chart below. This is the ranking. We assume that the survey will be answered honestly, if this is not the case the trustable.ranking will be 0%. The answers to the survey are presented in full transparency. Experts and users can see the answers to the questions and can help assess the survey.

Survey and reasoning

The user review is based on an average of user submitted reviews. The reviews are built up with a questionnaire to obtain uniformity in valuation. The review valuation is on general grounds where we recognize that emotional value makes a big part of it. The rating is expressed in stars.