On Trustable.Online, we want to show you how the various apps and IoT devices are ranked by trustability in an open and transparent way.

The Expert Review is generated by a survey of 100 questions compiled by experts. This questionnaire will be sent to the owner/developer of the app and IOT device. Each question can earn 10 points and the points achieved are visually rendered in percentages per part in the bar chart below. We assume that all questions of honesty will be answered, if not, the app/IOT device as a whole will be set to 0% reliability. Experts and users test the results of the questionnaire. The questionnaire responses will be posted on the page by a downloadable link.

  • Privacy 0% 0%
  • Data handling 0% 0%
  • Technology 0% 0%
  • Ethics 0% 0%
  • Functionality 0% 0%
  • Integrity 0% 0%


Trustable.online Rating

The user review is based on an average of user submitted reviews. The reviews are built up with a questionnaire to obtain uniformity in valuation. The review valuation is on general grounds where we recognize that emotional value makes a big part of it. The rating is expressed in stars.

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