Processing data generated by apps that report unsafe situations can have disastrous consequences if integrity is not guaranteed. Our long experience in this field and the collaboration with various knowledge institutions has led to a clear picture of values and standards of integrity and privacy in the digital world. We have compiled a well-founded questionnaire with which we can ask app suppliers to find out how reliable the apps are. We analyse the connections with other data, the security of data storage, the technology, and the privacy. The SafeCity expert team assesses the answers and gives a rating on the comparison site. Along with the appreciation of the users, a clear picture is given of the reliability of the app.

Suppliers of the apps have the option of placing additional information and advertising on the complete review page, to give them the space to promote their product for features that are not mentioned in the questionnaire.

To maintain our independence, we need sponsors and investors who have no relationship with providers and suppliers but who have an affinity with the ambitions of the SafeCity Team.