Apr 27, 2020

We accept all kinds of cookies and statements very quickly to get started with the function of a particular app or IoT device. Although there are all kinds of authorities warning about cybercrime and the EU has drawn up privacy rules, we are actually doing too little with that. But that is not easy either. It seems impossible to investigate whether all apps on your phone and all internet of things devices in your home or office are safe and reliable.

Jan Otten won the Social Innovation Award in 2010 with his SafeCity App. An App that allowed users to stream images of unsafe situations to help agencies. The App was ahead of its time but ran counter to the constraints of the then 3G networks and was therefore discontinued.

Jan continued to support App developers with his expertise. After a negative experience with a developer (who used Jan’s name without permission for a positive assessment), Jan came up with the idea of a benchmark for the reliability of Apps and IOT devices.

The idea for a comparison site was born with this and Jan approached Tom Pijnenburg to develop it with him. As a web developer and host provider, Tom understands the need to work with trusted Apps and software.

Ben Kokkeler (teacher Applied Sciences at Avans Hogeschool) tipped off Jan to submit a claim for a pioneer grant to the SIDN fund. The SIDN fund supports innovative Internet projects that contribute to a stronger and safer Internet. The application was granted in February.

In February a conversation with Tilburg University followed, we wanted to be eligible for a Tilt Clinic (TILT=Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society). Tilburg University also believes in our idea and from a dozen applicants we select 4 international students who participate in the deepening of our questionnaire.

The initial questionnaire is developed with us by an AVANS work student who has also been added to the project. The questionnaire will eventually ask IoT device developers and makers to thoroughly ask for a transparent ranking in privacy, technology, ethics, integrity and functionality.

The goal of is to challenge software developers to get the highest possible ranking on the site and thus to achieve greater reliability of Apps and IoT devices.