When we want to install a new app on our smartphone, or new cloud software, or a new online device, we sometimes wonder whether it is safe and reliable. For this uncomfortable feeling we want to offer a solution to get more certainty about the integrity and reliability of what we do online.

We develop a website that users can consult if certain apps, software, and IOT equipment are reliable and with integrity. We do this by asking well-developed questions to suppliers that guarantee reliability and we ask users about their experiences.

WHAT Through the feedback from users and the appreciation of the answers from suppliers by experts, we get a clear picture of the integrity of the app, software, or the IOT device. With this rating, users with a more reassuring feeling can recommend or use a new app, or software, or IOT device. AND we encourage app developers to deal better with integrity.

The company SafeCity was started in 2011, after the founder won the Dutch social innovation award with the SafeCity App. This was the first live streaming video app that citizens could use to send unsafe sites or incidents to the police station. The app is no longer in use, we were too early with this innovation. But we are seeing more and more apps that have roughly the same important objectives. We are convinced that citizens’ eyes and ears are very important intelligent sensors for a positive contribution to safety. Our ambition is to build a safe and secure digital environment for everyone. And we want to start with building a bridge for the use of citizen participation apps by independently comparing these apps on how they deal with integrity so that users can make an informed choice between the various apps.