Are you digitally safe?

We check and rate your Apps and IoT devices
on trustability 


We all desire a digital world, where your privacy is guaranteed and your data is secured. 
That is why we check and rank phone Apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices for you.

We strive for digital safety, fairness and reliability. In order to achieve these objectives we have developed assessment criteria and display them on

Your opinion matters!
The team has divided the analysis and assessment of trustability into 6 categories. We would like to invite you to think along with us and contribute to digital safety. For this we have set up forums where you can share your experiences, ideas and opinions.


Is your privacy guaranteed?

Data handling:

How safe and secure is your data processed?



Is the technology robust and reliable?


Is the information you provide used correctly?


Does the app meet your expectations?


Is the supplier of the app integer?

We will start in August 2020 comparing Apps for reporting incidents.


Witness Confident

Self Evident is a free, convenient and effective way for people across England & Wales to engage with the police. With 28,000 registered users already, the app is used every day to report crime and capture digital evidence.

Vithu App

VithU App is the Gumrah Iniative launched a few months ago. Gumrah a popular show broadcasted by Channel V. The main goal of this app is to provide security for women. VithU app is getting popular day by day, thanks to Kareena Kapoor. Personally I watch the episodes of Gumrah, mind you its really an interesting show to watch.


Having the power of knowing what is actively occurring in your organization, at the mobile device level, in real time has never been so easy! The USPDhub App provides the perfect way for you to receive notifications, get updates, bulletins and a calendar of events on your mobile device.

Spot Crime

We are dedicated to bringing relevant, local, timely and accurate crime information to the public at no cost to residents or the departments. It is the right of every citizen to have easy access to crime information in his or her neighborhood.


SOSAFE is a neighborhood security platform. We help to build safer neighborhoods, more collaborative communities and more organized cities around the world.


We quickly accept all kinds of cookies and statements to get started quickly with the function of a particular App or IoT device. Although there are all kinds of authorities warning about cybercrime and every country has drawn up privacy rules, we are actually doing too little with that. But that is not easy either. It seems impossible to investigate whether all Apps on your phone and all Internet of Things devices in your home or office are safe and reliable. Below we give a view of the development of the idea to where we are now.

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